NASA Releases a New Cosmic Ima...


NASA Releases a New Cosmic Image of 'Spooky' Helix Nebula

NASA Releases a New Cosmic Image of 'Spooky' Helix Nebula
The Silicon Review
02 November, 2021

NASA released an eerie image of the Helix Nebula captured by its Spitzer Space telescope

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has recently released a spectacular image of Helix Nebula on the occasion of spooky Halloween. The amazing cosmic image exactly looks like a huge eye with aqua or turquoise eyelashes and crimson color iris. NASA stated that the eerie image of the Helix Nebula was captured by its next-generation Spitzer Space telescope.

The image released by NASA shows infrared radiation produced by the Helix Nebula located 700 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. NASA also said that the Helix Nebula consists of dust and gas around a central white dwarf. It is an example of a planetary nebula, which is considered one of the final stages in the evolution of a Sun-like star.

It is also said that the dust on the nebular material was ejected from the star tens and thousands of years ago. It could be generated by collisions of several gigantic reservoirs of objects, which can be our solar system's Kuiper Belt or cometary Oort cloud. This Helix Nebula is formed in the distant planetary system during the evolution of stars. NASA also has said that it will be sharing some interesting facts and pictures of its favorite nebulae this November.