Stanford’s Gecko-Inspire...


Stanford’s Gecko-Inspired Robots Aims at Fruit Picking

Stanford’s Gecko-Inspired Robots Aims at Fruit Picking
The Silicon Review
16 December, 2021

Stanford University researchers to use their innovative Gecko-Inspired Robots in agriculture

Stanford University has made significant progress in the robotics sector over the years with its most innovative gecko-inspired robotic hand. In May, the scientists launched a new version of the robot called the "gecko gripper," and it found its way onto the International Space Station; it was used to collect debris and fix satellites.

In a recent announcement, the researchers at Stanford University have stated that they are now using these robots for more terrestrial applications, such as picking delicate objects. It has been a more significant challenge for rigid robot hands, leading to a vivid range of solutions, including soft robotic grippers. The researchers are now modifying the robots to help farmers pick up fruits and various other purposes.

The team has modified the robot with a four-fingered gripper inspired by both agility of the human hand and the unique gripping capabilities of geckos. Of the latter, the university notes that the adhesive surface will create a firm and stronghold via microscopic flaps, otherwise called the Van der Waals force – a weak intermolecular force resulting in subtle differences in the positions of electrons are present on the outsides of molecules.