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Google Pixel Smartphones Gets Latest Feature Drops

Google Pixel Smartphones Gets Latest Feature Drops
The Silicon Review
07 December, 2021

Google has added the new Feature Drop update, meant explicitly for its Pixel smartphones

Tech giant Google has stated that it has started to roll out the latest features to its Pixel smartphones. The company has added the new Feature Drop update, specifically meant for Pixel smartphones. The brand new feature Drop came in the form of Android 12 OS. According to the recent reports, Google will roll out this new feature to users by January 2022, including updates on Pixel 3a and Pixel 5a.

Google has listed out the currently available updates on its Pixel Smartphone lineup. There will be a quick tap feature already available on Pixel smartphones, but the latest update will get a direct Snapchat integration. Users can easily access Snapchat from their lock screen; it will also have an exclusive lens, Pixel Face, and other added updates.

The Pixel smartphones will have a conversation mode, an early-stage accessibility update. This feature uses machine learning to help the users improve the audio quality and better hear conversations in noisy environments. It will have car crash detection in the personal safety app. Along with that, the company is also adding new languages for transcriptions.