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Resecurity® makes Dark Web Intelligence (SaaS) available at AWS Marketplace

Resecurity® makes Dark Web Intelligence (SaaS) available at AWS Marketplace
The Silicon Review
09 December, 2021

Resecurity, a popular name in the cybersecurity and intelligence segment, has recently made an announcement regarding the availability of its cybersecurity risk management and monitoring solution on Amazon's AWS Marketplace. It is a well-known fact that AWS Marketplace provides a new sales channel for Consulting Partners and ISVs to sell their solutions directly to AWS customers. The AWS Marketplace has more than 10,000 products, making it easier for companies to procure, entitle, discover, provision, and govern third-party solutions. As of now, there are over 300,000 users on the AWS Marketplace with two million subscribers. Companies have been on the lookout for additional support to secure and manage the ever-growing number of cyber threats in recent times. The well-trusted partners like the AWS have now enabled companies to bring aboard the solutions and expertise they need without hiring extra staff for the same. Resecurity has now joined AWS Marketplace to make its outstanding solutions available for AWS customers for cybersecurity management and monitoring.

Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity, has stated that "In today's increasingly digital world, cybersecurity is top of mind for technology and security leaders. Resecurity is proud to make our solutions widely available by joining a leading digital marketplace like AWS." He furthermore added that "This year, we've seen increased cyber risks and a wave of unprecedented threats emerging from the Dark Web and ransomware groups targeting cloud services. To help organizations mitigate these risks, it's essential we continue to make these tools more accessible and support a cyber-resilient environment via a dynamic cybersecurity SaaS solution like Resecurity®." The company's solution is designed to provide comprehensive visibility and proactive alerts of digital risks targeting the enterprise ecosystem. The robustly built platform allows the administrators to reduce security gaps and potential blind spots by swiftly looking at specific artifacts and in-depth analysis obtained through botnet activities, dark web, high-quality threat intelligence data, and network intelligence. Some of the notable benefits that AWS Marketplace users can get by integrating Resecurity strategies are:

  • 24/7 security monitoring for your enterprise ecosystem and cloud workloads
  • Detailed risk evaluation for your enterprise ecosystem (Compromised Accounts, Network Hygiene, Data Leaks, Dark Web, Cloud Security, etc.) 
  • A scalable software solution that specializes in monitoring digital footprint of any size (Network Ranges, Cloud-based Nodes, and Domains)
  • They provide suggestions backed by data to allow users to have a proactive security strategy.