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Bring out the best in your pet...


Bring out the best in your pet with ZipZyme™ Omega

Bring out the best in your pet with ZipZyme™ Omega
The Silicon Review
27 April, 2022

We as humans put a lot of value on what we consume nutritionally every day to stay healthy. But did you know that your pets also need the necessary nutrients in their diet for optimum health? This is where ZipZyme™ Omega comes in. The nutritional therapeutic ZipZyme™ Omega is revolutionizing pet health by providing one of the most critical – yet missing – nutrients in a pet’s diet and a vital component for their health: DHA Omega 3.

Why is DHA vital? DHA is, in fact, the most essential Omega 3 fatty acid, and it improves and prevents many chronic pet health issues. These include cognitive decline, heart disease, inflammation, asthma, arthritis, and even certain cancers. DHA is a necessary building block for healthy brain development and optimum cognitive functioning throughout a pet’s life. It strengthens their immune response and is a tool for healthy weight management.

ZipZyme™ Omega is a true trailblazer in Omega 3 DHA nutrition. Sourced from ocean algae, it provides the cleanest, safest, most highly bioavailable source of DHA. In addition, the metabolic enzymes that it contains work to produce additional DHA in the body after consumption. ZipZyme™ is so revolutionary that it is in a class by itself – not a medicine, nor a supplement in the traditional sense, but a nutritional therapeutic that provides many benefits to help your furry friend live a longer, happier and vital life.

“We have developed a proprietary system to continuously grow and harvest a biomass that contains DHA producing enzymes that is safe, economical, and contaminant-free to ensure your pet’s health is protected and prolonged at every stage,” says Deena Sisitsky, co-founder and CEO of PhytoSmart, the producers of ZipZyme™ Omega.

But why not fish oil? Unfortunately, the process the fish oil industry uses to produce and package fish oil is seriously flawed. The processors use heat to extract the oil. Heat above 115 F creates the potential for damaging oxidation of the molecules, completely destroys the enzymes, and reduces the DHA yield in the finished product. The molecular structure of fatty acid molecules and the lack of protective enzymes also contribute to such damaging oxidation. This can transform the Omega 3 molecules into rancid, toxic chemicals.

On the other hand, ZipZyme™ Omega is the most natural, most highly bioavailable form of DHA nutrition. Unlike every other Omega 3 product available, ZipZyme™ is not extracted oil, but rather fresh and wholesome DHA nutrition produced directly from ocean algae without heat processing.

Each package of ZipZyme™ Omega contains a 30-day supply - specifically formulated for either large or small pets. Each individual daily serving of ZipZyme™ is packaged in a NASA-developed oxygen barrier pouch to protect the product from damaging rapid oxidization that new research has revealed plagues extracted oil Omega 3 products.

ZipZyme™ Omega was recently named a 2022 Global 100 Winner for Most Innovative Pet Nutrition Product.

Website address: zipzymeomega.com