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Tian Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Tigertail Pictures, a business-minded agency creative powerhouse

Tian Liu, Chief Executive Officer of Tigertail Pictures, a business-minded agency creative powerhouse
The Silicon Review
04 May, 2022

Tian Liu, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the USA, is the CEO of Tigertail Pictures, a production company that offers a unique approach into the world of video and animation by collaborating with clients to capture their most influential stories. The engine that's behind Tigertail Pictures is its in-house team and a huge network of filmmakers and photographers.  Tigertail Pictures is AN AGENCY BUILT TO CREATE REAL VALUE. They are the growth partner. They’re a nimble, hungry, results-driven firm. We execute with purpose and focus on measurable, actionable results.

Under Tian's leadership, Tigertail Pictures has been delivering work that powers game-changing companies and global influencers.

Our core strategic engagements in branding, platform design, campaigns, and content creation consistently drive desired outcomes and awareness. They have done advertising projects with Maggie Q, Maye Musk, Gal Gadot, Coldplay, and many more. A pioneer of video content marketing, Tian advocates for video content marketing that can help a business amplify their reach in the digital world. The videos produced by Tigertail Pictures are high-end in nature, and also introduce a client to the Chinese market. 

Florida-based Tigertail Pictures has offices in Tampa, Florida, Los Angeles and New York, as well as related businesses in Beijing, China and France. Through Tigertail, Tian intends to give a chance for Chinese filmmakers to branch out into the international film market and develop a better cultural environment for overseas Chinese. The company's client list includes major companies in the film and television industry, such as Amazon prime, MTV, and many more.

A graduate of Harvard Business School (Executive Education), graduate of New York Film Academy and an outstanding director of Photography, Tian Liu has truly carved out a reputation for herself as an highly influential person in the US media market. Her works have made appearance on the covers of "VOGUE", "GQ", "Forbes" and other international magazines. "Fox", "Business insider" and many other mainstream media have commented and conducted exclusive interviews for her company's advertising works. She has won more than 50 best cinematography awards at film festivals, and her film and television works have been shortlisted at the French Cannes Film Festival twice. She worked with Oscar winner Kim Basinger, Lynne Littman, and three-time Oscar nominee for best cinematography, Dean Cundey.