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Glass bar drooping above 280 m...


Glass bar drooping above 280 meters in Georgia

Glass bar drooping above 280 meters in Georgia
The Silicon Review
20 June, 2022

A Spectacular Glass Bridge to Gain Tourist Attraction

A "diamond-shaped" bar suspended in the center of a 240-meter-long (787 feet) glass bridge was unveiled at Dashbashi Canyon, located around two hours from the capital city Tbilisi, Georgia.

The structure is made of glass and steel by investment group Kass Group, which operates in Georgia and Israel. The project has estimated to have cost around $40 million. The substantial transparent structure stretches across the natural monument. IT rises to 280 meters (about 919 meters), offering panoramic views of stunning caves and waterfalls. On June 14, 2022, Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili attended its official opening.

The significant feature of the bridge is its multi-level bar, located at its highest point. It includes a zip line for the visitors to bike across the canyon. It is said to be the tallest and largest hanging structure in the world. The venue has been submitted to the Guinness World Records.

Officials consider Dashbashi Canyon one of Georgia's most impressive natural monuments. So they hope this spectacular glass bride will attract more tourists to the site.

The country returned to the pre-pandemic border policy by dropping entry requirements for international visitors in the same week the glass bridge was launched.