Study shows that uterus transplant aids successful pregnancies

Study shows that uterus transplant aids successful pregnancies
The Siliconreview
07 July, 2022

Thirty-three women underwent the uterus transplants in the United States

A new study shows that more than half of the women in the U.S. who underwent uterus transplantation went on to have successful pregnancies. Thirty-three women underwent uterus transplants in the United States between 2016 and 2021, and so far, 58% of them have delivered a total of 21 babies, researchers reported on Wednesday in JAMA Surgery. More than a million U.S. women could possibly gain advantages from uterus transplantation, said the study leader Dr. Liza Johannesson of Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas.

In 74% of recipients, the uterus continued to function healthily one-year post-transplantation.  Researchers reported that in this group, 83% had live-born children. After the recipient delivers the baby, the transplanted uterus is removed in order to avoid the need for life-long use of immunosuppressive drugs. The surgeries performed at Baylor University Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic, and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is among more than 100 uterus transplants so far performed worldwide. However, the cost may prove to be a barrier for some women. In two-thirds of the transplants conducted, the uterus came from a living donor, and roughly one in four of them experienced a complication from the surgery.