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The UK, Japan, and Italy will ...


The UK, Japan, and Italy will collaborate to develop a new fighter jet

new fighter jet
The Silicon Review
09 December, 2022

Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister is set to announce that the UK, Italy, and Japan will collaborate to develop a new fighter jet that uses artificial intelligence

 Prime Minister Sunak said that this joint venture aims to create thousands of new job opportunities in the country and strengthen its security ties. These three nations are planning to develop a next-generation fighter that will eventually replace the Typhoon jet due to enter service in the mid-2030s. These countries are hoping that the new jet will be able to carry the latest weapons.

The development work on the Tempest jet is already under process. In the jet, they will use advanced sensors and artificial intelligence to help human pilots when they are under extreme pressure or stress it could be flown without the input of the pilot and it can also fire hypersonic missiles.  They are making this jet with the aim to create combat aircraft that will provide speed stealth.

This agreement of making new fighter jets is more than security for the UK it is about the economy. The nation is hoping that the development of this new jet could create jobs in the UK and open doors to arms export.