Women sued Apple over AirTag b...


Women sued Apple over AirTag being used for stalking

AirTag for stalking
The Silicon Review
07 December, 2022

Two women sued Apple, and according to them, AirTags were used to stalk them.

The small trackers called AirTag by Apple are designed to be placed on keys or wallets, to prevent them from being lost. However earlier this year it was seen that several women had found unwanted AirTags tracking them. Apple previously said that the AirTags contain several measures that prevent unwanted tracking. This lawsuit was filed in a federal court in San Francisco.

The two women said that their former partner used the AirTags to track them down. They also argue that this device has been linked to murders of women in Ohio, Indianapolis, and Akron this year. Even before releasing AirTags, the company was well aware that this device could be used for criminal activities.

While releasing it Apple said that the devices are designed to track items, not people. The devices use Bluetooth signals which can be detected by Find My Network of Apple. Apple said that the company has created a series of safeguards that protect people from being tracked. According to the company, this device makes a beeping sound when it is separated from the owner for a while.