President Joe Biden wants to b...


President Joe Biden wants to ban US exports to Huawei

President Joe Biden
The Silicon Review
31 January, 2023

According to reports, the US government has ceased accepting licenses for American businesses to sell the majority of their goods to the Chinese technology giant Huawei.

It happens as the Biden administration keeps tightening the laws governing US technology exports to China. Huawei has already been charged by Washington of cooperating with the Chinese Communist Party and posing a threat to US national security.

The claims have been frequently refuted by the firm and the Chinese government. According to the Financial Times, which broke the story, the US Commerce Department informed some American businesses that it would no longer grant permits for US technology exports to Huawei. The newspaper further said that the action was taken as Washington moved closer to outright banning the sale of US technology to the big Chinese telecom equipment company.

While political tensions between Washington and Beijing over Taiwan, where the majority of the world's computer chips are produced, have escalated, the Biden Administration has continued to impose stricter regulations on Huawei. The danger landscape is always shifting, according to US Under Secretary of Commerce for Industry and Security Alan Estevez.