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According to a CBI analysis, g...


According to a CBI analysis, green projects are supporting UK economy

green projects supporting UK economy
The Silicon Review
31 January, 2023

Parts of the UK experiencing industrial decline have seen jobs and investment as a result of the £71 billion transition to a greener economy.

The Confederation of British Industry has released a new research with those as its main conclusions (CBI). It estimates that more than 20,000 businesses are involved in the effort to achieve net zero emissions. According to the report, 840,000 employments are associated with industries ranging from waste management to renewable energy.

The paper, Mapping the Net Zero Economy, examined the regions of the UK that have benefited the most from regulations meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The green economy was stronger and contributed more to growth in Scotland and English regions like Tyneside, Teeside, Merseyside, and the Humber than it did in London and the South East.

According to the survey, the average compensation for green jobs is much higher than the national average (£33,400). The director of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), who ordered the study, Peter Chalkley, claims that the net zero economy is tackling leveling up and the UK's productivity challenge. He also added that they might lose out and lose jobs if the UK doesn't build on the wonderful work that has already been done.