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On the Nile dam, Sudan and Eth...


On the Nile dam, Sudan and Ethiopia are "in agreement"

Sudan and Ethiopia agreement
The Silicon Review
27 January, 2023

According to the dubious Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (Gerd), the military chief of Sudan claims that "Sudan and Ethiopia are in agreement on all things surrounding."

Lt Gen Abdel Fattah al-Burhan spoke Thursday during a meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who was in Khartoum on a visit. He emphasized the importance of enhancing bilateral ties between Sudan and Ethiopia.

According to Mr. Abiy, the Nile dam will "help Khartoum in the electrical industry" rather than "hurt Sudan's interests." The foreign ministers of Sudan and Egypt concurred to "resume consultations" about the Ethiopian dam on January 11.

The dam is the subject of a protracted disagreement between Addis Abeba, Khartoum, and Egypt. Sudan and Cairo worry that the dam will cut down on the amount of water they receive from the River Nile.