Microsoft to only allows five inquiries each on Bing chat session

Microsoft to only allows five inquiries each on Bing chat session
The Siliconreview
20 Febuary, 2023

Microsoft limits chat sessions on its new Bing search engine to five questions per session and 50 questions per day

According to a recent announcement from Microsoft, conversation sessions using the company's new Bing search engine, which uses generative artificial intelligence (AI), would be limited to five questions each session and 50 inquiries per day. As the business previously warned, particularly lengthy conversation sessions may confound the new Bing's underlying chat mechanism. The IT behemoth has made several adjustments to assist focus the chat sessions in order to address these concerns.

As certain media sites claimed that the new Bing search engine's results could be harmful and that the technology could not be ready for prime time, Microsoft made its decision a few days later. Early search results and discussions with the Bard chatbots from Google and Microsoft have demonstrated their unexpected nature.

Microsoft may make money from the new Bing, which has millions of individuals on the waiting list for access. The business said last week that every percentage point of market share it increases in the market for search advertising could generate an additional $2 billion in ad revenue.