Starship, SpaceX's most potent...


Starship, SpaceX's most potent rocket system yet, is being tested

potent rocket system
The Silicon Review
10 Febuary, 2023

A significant test of SpaceX's enormous new Starship rocket system was just completed.

At the base of the vehicle's lower segment, engineers ignited 31 of 33 engines in a procedure known as a "static fire." With everything cinched down to prevent movement, the firing only lasted a few seconds.

When Starship takes its first flight, it will surpass all previous operational rocket systems in terms of strength. Assuming SpaceX is pleased with the results of Thursday's test, this might take place in the upcoming weeks. At SpaceX's research and development center at Boca Chica, close to the Texas/Mexico border, a static fire occurred. Elon Musk said on Twitter that the team had turned off one engine before to the test, and another engine had shut off by itself, leaving a total of 31 engines running.

Even though this was not the entire contingent of engines, the number of engines that were cooperating was noteworthy. The N1 rocket, which the Soviets designed in the late 1960s to transport cosmonauts to the Moon, is perhaps the closest analogue. It had two rings of 30 engines each. But all four of the N1's flights ended up being cancelled because of failures.