Here's how Apple blocked almos...


Here's how Apple blocked almost $2 billion in fraudulent and spam transactions on App Store

Apple fraudulent and spam transactions
The Silicon Review
17 May, 2023

Apple claimed that it successfully halted over $2 billion in scam App Store sales in 2022. The company's severe safeguards meant that roughly 1.7 million software submissions, which were supposed to be scam, were rejected owing to failing to fulfill the software Store's stringent requirements for privacy, security, and content.

Due to alleged spam activities, the firm cancelled a large number of developer accounts in 2021. However, by 2022, this figure had dropped significantly, with 428,000 accounts being deleted for similar reasons. Furthermore, roughly 105,000 Apple Developer Program enrollments were rejected owing to fraud concerns. These tough measures effectively stopped criminal actors from joining the App Store ecosystem with questionable or spam apps.

In 2022, Apple safeguarded customers from roughly 57,000 malicious apps originating from unauthorized marketplaces. These spam and unauthorized marketplaces lacked the App Store's rigorous privacy and security measures. They frequently distribute spam software that intentionally duplicates or modifies popular apps without the permission of the original developers.

Apple's steps against fraudulent and scam behavior show that account security remains a high focus for the company. A total of 280 million customer accounts linked to such spam and illegal practices were immediately disabled. Furthermore, the organization successfully prevented 198 million attempted spam new account creations from occurring.

Last year, Apple detected and blocked over 147 million scam ratings and reviews on the App Store. It also barred roughly 3.9 million stolen credit cards from being used to make fraudulent purchases, as well as 714,000 accounts from ever transacting again. In 2022, Apple prevented $2.09 billion in scam App Store transactions.

Strict rules and scrutiny have kept the ecosystem safe

The Cupertino-based behemoth emphasizes that it has protected consumers from roughly 57,000 untrustworthy programs from unauthorized marketplaces, which lack the same built-in privacy and security safeguards as the App Store. Apple emphasizes the dangers of scam marketplaces that distribute malicious software that might duplicate or modify popular apps without the developers' permission.

It is crucial to remember, however, that Apple's app review process is not perfect and does not offer complete security against scams, fraud, or viruses in the App Store.

Making a statement against side loading

To protect customers, Apple emphasizes that it performs comprehensive safety checks on every program before making it available on the program Store. Last year, the business rejected roughly 1.7 million app submissions for a variety of reasons, including fraud and privacy issues. Furthermore, about 24,000 fraudulent apps were prohibited or removed from the App Store owing to bait-and-switch breaches.