'A Sign in Space': Mars transm...


'A Sign in Space': Mars transmits an 'alien' communication to Earth

A Sign in Space
The Silicon Review
01 June, 2023

The 'The Sign in Space' project encourages people to delve into the realm of unknown and grapple.

Space scientists are working hard to find life beyond Earth and creating concepts that suggest we are not alone in this huge universe. Similarly, the European Space Agency (ESA) acknowledged for the first time that an alien signal was delivered to Earth from Mars - and that the signal was sent by them alone.

The signal was caught up by the Green Bank Telescope (West Virginia), the Medicina Radio Astronomical Station (Italy), the Allen Telescope Array (California), and the Very Large Array (New Mexico) from the ESA spacecraft Trace Gas Orbiter, which orbits Mars.

The broadcast is part of the interdisciplinary project "A Sign in Space" by media artist Daniela de Paulis. According to the study, decoding an extraterrestrial signal and comprehending its message would present unparalleled obstacles. The signal was subsequently deciphered by researchers at each university. The project enables people to go into the unknown and wrestle with these existential quandaries, thereby broadening collective awareness of the world and humans' place in it.