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Greece and European authorities have come under fire following a migrant boat accident

boat disaster
The Silicon Review
27 June, 2023

Greece boat disaster could be the worst shipwreck in the history of refugees crossing the Mediterranean

One week has passed since an overcrowded fishing boat carrying hundreds of migrants drowned off Greece's southwest coast. The ship left Libya and traveled across the Mediterranean before being inoperable. It drifted for hours before coming to rest. Hundreds of people are still missing as the outpouring of rage, grief, and political consequences continue. With hundreds of people missing and dozens reported dead, Greek and European authorities are under fire.

More than 80 bodies have been retrieved off the coast of Greece following one of the bloodiest migrant shipwrecks in the Mediterranean in recent years. Up to 750 people are thought to have been on board a fishing vessel that set sail from Libya, traveled to Italy, and eventually sank off the coast of Greece last week. Today, there is widespread speculation about whether Greek and European authorities could have done more to avert the disaster.

It could be the worst shipwreck in the history of refugees crossing the Mediterranean. The role of the Greek coastguard in the tragedy and why those on board were not rescued sooner have remained unanswered. Greek officials have previously been accused of pushing back boats at sea. This tragedy comes on the heels of a year in which more people died on Middle Eastern and North African migration routes than at any other point in the previous five years.