X (Formerly Twitter) Lowers th...


X (Formerly Twitter) Lowers the Bar for Ad Revenue Sharing Program to Attract More Creators

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The Silicon Review
11 August, 2023

X's ad revenue program change equals social media monetization democracy.

X, a social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has announced that it is lowering the requirements for its ad revenue sharing program. The company has reduced the minimum follower requirement from 100,000 to 50,000, making it easier for content creators to monetize their accounts. X's revenue sharing program allows users to earn a percentage of the ad revenue generated from their content. The platform has been trying to attract more creators to join the program and compete with other social media giants like YouTube and Instagram.

The company's move to lower the threshold for its program shows that it is committed to supporting its content creators and providing them with more opportunities to earn money. It is also a strategic move to retain and grow its user base, as creators play a vital role in driving engagement on the platform. X's ad revenue program change equals social media monetization democracy. X's decision to reduce the minimum follower requirement for its ad revenue sharing program not only benefits established content creators but also helps smaller creators grow and monetize their accounts. This can result in a more diverse and engaged user base as creators from different backgrounds and niches can join the program.