Anduril Acquires Blue Force in...


Anduril Acquires Blue Force in the Latest Push towards Autonomous Military Systems

Blue towards Autonomous
The Silicon Review
07 September, 2023

Anduril announced it was buying solid rocket motor company Adranos.

Anduril Industries is acquiring advanced design and engineering firm Blue Force Technologies, the creator of the "Fury" unmanned fighter jet. The acquisition lays the foundations for the defense company to dominate the autonomous aircraft space, which is seen as an important area for the national security market. Anduril intends to manufacture low-cost systems built in bulk with no human operator on board. The new acquisition will provide Anduril with growth in North Carolina's Research Triangle area and access to their 90-person team. Anduril's other acquisitions include Dive Technologies, Copious Imaging, and Area-I. Earlier this year, Anduril announced it was buying solid rocket motor company Adranos.

Anduril's acquisition of Blue Force is part of the defense industry's shift towards autonomous, unmanned systems. Anduril has recently acquired a number of companies in the space with a view to providing high-volume, low-cost, and effective unmanned military systems as nations seek a technological edge in conflict. Anduril's acquisition of Blue Force is the latest in a series of acquisitions aimed at positioning the company as a leader in the development of autonomous systems for national security customers. The purchase also provides the company with access to Blue Force's composite manufacturing, tooling, and production capabilities, as well as expansion into North Carolina's Research Triangle area.