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Adobe officially launches Phot...


Adobe officially launches Photoshop for the web with Firefly-powered AI tools

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The Silicon Review
28 September, 2023

Users can unite by participating in links with others without a subscription.

Adobe has launched its Photoshop web app for users with paid plans, following two betas. The web interpretation now includes AI tools like generative filler and generative expand, powered by Adobe's Firefly technology. It also features a toolbar for grouping tools under different workflows, making them more accessible for newcomers. Users can unite by participating in links with others without a subscription. The web interpretation offers the maturity of features set up in the desktop interpretation and will give Adobe a platform to test new features and offer brisk updates. Still, some features, such as the patch tool, pen tool, smart object support, and polygonal lasso, are absent, but the company is working to bring these tools to the platform.

 Adobe has said it does not plan to offer a free or premium interpretation of Photoshop Web at present. The launch of Photoshop for the web is anticipated to provide users with less inflexibility and convenience, enabling them to produce, edits, and unite images across multiple biases. The AI-powered features may also make it easier and quicker to perform complex tasks such as removing objects or filling in gaps in images. Adobe's move to release the web interpretation could be seen as a response to adding demand for well-founded results and a shift away from traditional desktop software operations.