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California Governor Vetoes Bil...


California Governor Vetoes Bill Requiring Human Drivers for Self-Driving Trucks

Trucks California Vetoes
The Silicon Review
25 September, 2023

Safety and job security concerns for truck drivers were raised by opponents.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has nixed a state Senate bill that would have required mortal drivers to be present in tone-driving exchanges at all times. The proscription, blazoned on Friday, marks a victory for the independent trucking assiduity, which had opposed the legislation. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is presently considering lifting a ban on testing independent vehicles on roads in the state that weigh over 10,001 pounds. Lawyers of the proscription, including AV enterprises, assiduity representatives, and original chambers of commerce, argued that the proposed bill would have hindered force chain invention and impeded the state's profitable competitiveness.

Safety and job security concerns for truck drivers were raised by opponents. "The Governor’s proscription isn't only a palm for marketable vehicle assiduity and the guests we serve, but for California’s force chain writ large," said Kirk Welch, administrative director of the California Trucking Association’s intermodal conference. Newsom said that he believes the Department of Motor Vehicles( DMV) can be trusted to supervise the tests and operations of independent vehicles on Californian roads. He also added that he'd lead a labor stakeholder process to review and develop recommendations to alleviate the implicit employment impact of AV exchanges.