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The Report identifies 36 High-...


The Report identifies 36 High-Capacity Transmission Projects to bring Renewables to the US grid

Renewables US Report
The Silicon Review
20 September, 2023

Policy reforms are needed for half of renewable transmission projects to succeed.

Thirty-six high-capacity transmission projects that could soon begin construction, bringing 187 GW of renewable resources to the grid, have been identified by Americans for a Clean Energy Grid (ACEG). The transmission projects could provide vast employment opportunities, improve the electricity network’s reliability, and lower costs for customers, according to the Grid Strategies and ACEG report. The projects suggest the need for policy reforms that improve transmission approval and support in the US. The report offers three proposals to help aid the country's transition towards clean energy, including the creation of an investment tax credit for significant transmission lines, allowing the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to increase the siting of large transmission lines, and the creation of policies outlining the need for sufficient interregional transmission.

Policy reforms are needed for half of renewable transmission projects to succeed. The transmission projects are imperative for creating a more hopeful future in renewable energy and will promote the creation of hundreds of thousands of skilled jobs. The report highlights the significance of these transmission projects, as they represent just over 10% of the investment required to build a clean and reliable grid. The projects identified in the report could significantly contribute to the development of a more sustainable future in the US, but stricter policies are needed to ensure that the projects proceed to construction.