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Kenyan EV start-up Roam launches a new shuttle bus to bolster the country's push for sustainable transport

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The Silicon Review
18 September, 2023

Roam plans to deliver 50 Move buses by February next year.

Kenyan electric vehicle (EV) start-up Roam has launched a new 42-seater shuttle bus, called Move, as the country endeavors to hasten the adoption of EVs. The firm said it would increase production of the Move model and bolster the country's charging infrastructure in response to Kenya's drive to cut fossil fuel reliance, rising fuel costs, and efforts to encourage sustainable transport. Roam plans to deliver 50 Move buses by February next year. With 40 units produced monthly once production is at full capacity. The buses, which have a range of 200km, are put together locally using parts sourced from China and cost $135,000.

 They can also seat 52 passengers if required. Roam expects to be building bus bodies with customized features, such as air conditioning and improved window fittings, which it said could be adjusted to meet the specific demands of local customers. Kenyan EV start-up Roam has launched its new 42-seater shuttle bus, Move, as the country aims to accelerate its adoption of EVs. Roam plans to produce 40 units per month once production is at full capacity and will focus on expanding charging infrastructure to support Kenya's move towards sustainable transport.