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Automakers debut electric vehicles, new technology at IAA Mobility 2023 in Munich

New Mobility Munich
The Silicon Review
06 September, 2023

The new models are expected to hit the European market in 2024.

Chinese automaker BYD used the IAA Mobility 2023 show in Munich to unveil its new lineup of EVs for the European market. The lineup includes five new models, including two SUVs and three sedans, with ranges between 310 and 438 miles. The SUVs, the BYD Tang and the BYD Dolphin, are both equipped with T-Box, BYD’s latest connectivity system. The Dolphin, which is expected to start at €30,000, includes features such as an intelligent parking system and facial recognition. The company’s three sedans, the Han E, Qin Plus EV, and BYD e-series, are expected to start at €25,000.

"We believe that innovation and technological advancement should be available for the many and not the few," Qin Lihong, BYD’s chairman, said in a statement. "BYD has strived to democratize green technology and deliver it to the public in an affordable, practical, and reliable way. We are confident that our new range of EVs, with superior technology and design, will exceed the expectations of European consumers. "BYD has already established a presence in Europe, with its electric buses and taxis being used in several cities. The Chinese company is now aiming to expand its presence in the European car market and expects to sell 22,000 EVs in the region this year. The new models are expected to hit the European market in 2024.