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Opna raises $6.5 million for a...


Opna raises $6.5 million for a digital platform connecting businesses with carbon projects

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The Silicon Review
05 September, 2023

Opna partners with global project developers for carbon project investments.

Opna, a London-based company, has raised $6.5 million in seed funding as it seeks to connect businesses with carbon projects as part of their offsetting initiatives. The firm helps corporations invest in carbon projects by finding fully vetted developers and facilitating financing via standardized agreements and processes. Opna also helps businesses monitor their portfolio of projects over time through key performance indicators and risk reporting. The firm aims to address the current arduous, manual process of carbon project discovery and financing, as well as sector-specific inconsistencies, by offering an efficient digital solution. Opna partners with global project developers for carbon project investments.

The firm is focusing on areas where there are available frameworks, standards, and known science in order to concentrate on tackling the financing challenge of fulfilling corporations’ net-zero strategies. The company, previously called Salt, was founded in 2022, and its latest funding will be used to scale its customer base over the next few years. Opna aims to fill a gap in the carbon offsetting market by bringing businesses to early-stage carbon projects, offering support and financing to projects well before they start generating carbon credits. While there already exist marketplace options for businesses to purchase carbon credits, Opna's platform allows businesses to invest in lower-key projects and initiate carbon reduction from the ground up.