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Top Data Privacy and Security Technologies in Blackjack Games

Data Privacy and Security Technologies
The Silicon Review
02 November, 2023

Online blackjack casinos have become very attractive in the last couple of years. They represent an incredible source of fun for people around the globe. Yet, many people still haven’t decided to test their luck there. The common reason for that is their doubts regarding the safety of blackjack games.

Fortunately, there is no reason to be suspicious! Behind every blackjack game, there is data privacy and security technology that ensures the complete safety of each player. All the games are fair and random, and no one can manually determine the winners of any reward.

To make things easier for our readers, we have decided to explain each type of technology behind this casino game. You will clearly understand why playing blackjack online is a safe way to have fun at home. Let’s go!

Blackjack Casinos Must Be Licensed and Certified!!!

Before we move to the main point, there is one thing that we have to say! All the players need to find licensed blackjack online casinos. The operators need to have licenses and certificates that confirm they have passed all the tests. If these two approvals for work do exist, that means that blackjack games (and technologies they use) are tested and confirmed.

Our suggestion is to pick popular blackjack games in Canada like these on BestOnlineBlackjack.com and be 100% sure everything is just fine. Games highlighted there are developed by licensed and reputable software development companies and powered by the latest security technologies. After we have explained the crucial step towards finding the best blackjack games, let’s start explaining the technology that stands behind them.

Random Number Generator

According to HYPR, Random Number Generator is one of the safest software algorithms for games like blackjack. The way this technology works is actually pretty simple to understand. Its purpose is to ensure that there are no patterns regarding blackjack games. For instance, based on this algorithm, all the cards that are dealt are completely random and can’t be determined in any way. That way, both sides are safe - online casinos and players. It is impossible to rig the game.

We once again need to repeat that all technologies go through testing by independent and reputable third-party labs. Each RNG technology must pass all the tests before the blackjack games are released on any online casino. So, if you see the casino or game is RNG-certified, you can be sure you are completely safe!

OCR Technology

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and it represents one of the essential technologies behind blackjack games. The purpose of this technology is to read cards that are dealt to players. That way, the game’s algorithm gets the capacity to see the cards all the players have gotten and determine who has won in each round. Players that have won the round will always get their winnings (with no excuse). That even counts if they experience a bug in the middle of the game.

Game Control Unit

One of the essential technologies behind blackjack is the Game Control Unit, also known as GCU technology. GCU is not only connected with blackjack; it is also used for other live table games like roulette, poker and baccarat. The live casino section has revolutionized the entire casino industry because it has made gambling more realistic. However, ensuring such a service was not easy before the appearance of this technology. GCU ensures that all the actions that dealers make during the live show on the casino platform are visible. Also, it ensures that every stream is stable and has a clear image. Players will get all the proof that the games they are enjoying are not rigged (or that there are no hidden scams behind the camera).

Blockchain Technology

It doesn’t matter if you are a tech gig or not. We are pretty sure that you have heard about the impact of blockchain technology on cybersecurity. This technology directly makes blackjack games safer because of the features it has. As you know, this technology ensures complete anonymity as well as quick and cheap transactions. Whenever you want to play blackjack for real money, you will need to reveal some private information. That will not be the case with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. It will be enough to connect your crypto wallet with a blackjack casino account, transfer funds within seconds and enjoy the games. Doesn’t that seem amazing?

Encrypted Technology

Data encryption is directly responsible for the safety of all private information exposed on the blackjack casino site by players. As we said, if you are not using crypto, you will need to share your home address, credit card number, and other personal details. A lot of people do not feel comfortable doing that because they are unsure whether these details will remain safe. Encryption protocols strongly protect them all and do not allow any unauthorized access by anyone.

The most popular type of encryption technology is SSL encryption. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which ensures that all data exchanged between casino and players is encrypted. The same technology protects the data you share when verifying your blackjack casino account.

Bonus: Avoid Making Mistakes that Could Compromise Your Safety

We have highlighted all the technologies that ensure properly protected blackjack games. Yet, their “power” won’t mean anything if you don’t pay attention to your own actions. Hackers are creative people. They know they can’t break the layer of protection all the technologies guarantee. However, they are using alternative ways to scam blackjack players. The most common fraud method is phishing websites and emails. Don’t click on suspicious links with strange domain names. Also, don’t ever give any private details! Blackjack operators will never ever ask for personal information or money in exchange for free cash for blackjack or similar rewards.


All these technology types ensure complete protection of blackjack players. If the online casino and blackjack game itself are certified, you don’t have to worry about potential fraud. We believe games will only make progress in the future with new, more modern and advanced technologies. However, let’s primarily enjoy the benefits that the current ones bring!