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A leading developer and provider of scalable, high performance carrier-grade Internet telephony switch technology: Veriswitch Solutions

Veriswitch Solutions
The Silicon Review
15 November, 2023

In the context of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based communication services, a hosted switch is essential to the telecommunications sector. Telecom companies no longer need to spend money on pricey physical infrastructure like conventional PBX systems and switches thanks to hosted switches. As a result, telecom providers are now able to provide their customers with services that are affordable. Hosted switches are simple to scale in order to meet the expanding demands of a telecom provider’s clientele. This adaptability is essential in a sector that is changing rapidly and where the demand for services can change.

Advanced features and functionality like call routing, auto-attendants, voicemail, call recording, and analytics are frequently included with hosted switches. These features help telecom companies stand out in the market while also enhancing the overall customer experience. Instead of managing complex infrastructure, telecom providers can concentrate on their core functions, such as marketing and customer service. Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty will result from this customer-centric strategy. Globally there are various companies delivering excellent hosted switch solutions, but Veriswitch Solutions stands out from the rest. Veriswitch was founded with a vision to revolutionize traffic management in the modern telecom era. The founders recognized a critical need for businesses to have simplified control over their traffic and optimize operations efficiently without the complexities that come with running traditional networks.

In conversation with Umberto Mautone, Co-Founder of Veriswitch Solutions

Q. Can you explain about your services in brief?

Veriswitch offers a turnkey carrier management solution that includes a comprehensive suite of traffic management tools designed to provide carriers with the means to effectively and efficiently run their business in a Class 4 environment. Tools such as real-time monitoring, automated billing and rate management, fraud mitigation, intelligent rate generation, advanced routing features, and profit protection, just to name a few, all tailored to enhance operational efficiency.

Q. Could you share some notable success stories or case studies where Veriswitch made a significant impact on a client?

While confidentiality precludes sharing specific case studies, Veriswitch has had numerous success stories. Our solutions, particularly SmartShield, have consistently led to a significant improvement in revenues and traffic management and a significant reduction in the propagation of scams and fraud for our clients. This translates to improved customer trust, streamlined operations, and an evident boost in profitability.

Q. With the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, how does Veriswitch adapt and ensure that your clients are adequately protected?

Veriswitch remains at the forefront of the fight against telephone scams by constantly developing new carrier-level tools and solutions in the never-ending battle against the propagation of scam calls. Adopting a proactive approach, we pioneered many of the tools in use today among some of our competitors while also having some that remain exclusive to us.

Q. How would you describe the company culture at Veriswitch, and how does it contribute to your success?

Veriswitch nurtures a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement. This culture empowers employees to think creatively, adapt swiftly to changes, and offer dynamic solutions to clients, contributing significantly to the company’s success.

Q. Veriswitch has a global presence. Can you tell us about your international expansion strategy and any key partnerships that have played a role in your growth?

Veriswitch’s global expansion strategy involves strategic partnerships with key industry players and leveraging technological advancements to cater to international markets.

Q. How do you market your services?

Veriswitch employs a multi-faceted marketing strategy involving digital marketing, industry conferences, partnerships, and client referrals to showcase its services, reach a broader audience, and stay ahead in a competitive market.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

SmartShield is an advanced AI-powered traffic analysis and fraud mitigation tool to help safeguard communications channels from call scams and fraudulent activities. Extensive use of AI and machine learning help it analyze calls for contextual cues and behavioral patterns to determine the likelihood of a call being a scam. Once identified, SmartShield can be used to block such calls at the source using various data points to prevent future occurrences of these same calls through the current entry points as well as other entry points into the customer’s network, effectively neutralizing the scammers at the gate. Furthermore, its capabilities are not limited to a single language; rather, it can analyze and assess fraudulent calls in multiple languages simultaneously. As bad actors inevitably evolve their tactics, SmartShield evolves with them, learning and adapting itself to detect and report new scams as they cross the network. Undoubtedly, SmartShield is destined to become an essential tool in the fight against scams.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers?

Are exciting things on the way?

The future holds exciting prospects for Veriswitch, including expanding its service portfolio, strengthening global partnerships, and employing emerging technologies to ensure its clients stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

“Our experience and expertise has helped us develop a user interface and supporting software that takes the time consuming burden of switch infrastructure management off your plate so you can concentrate on building your business.”

“Founded upon over 20 years of carrier industry experience and development, our software provides your company with a carrier-grade platform and support to run your business. We have developed and maintain a dependable carrier-grade network driven by rock-solid performance and dependability with limitless possibilities.”