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Microsoft Teams reminders are now added to the Start Menu

Microsoft Teams reminders
The Silicon Review
22 January, 2024

Microsoft Teams meeting reminders will be added to the Windows 11 Start Menu

Microsoft is preparing to include Teams meeting reminders on the Start menu in Windows 11. The software giant has begun testing a new edition of Windows 11 with Dev Channel testers, which includes a reminder for Teams meetings in the Start menu's suggested area. Microsoft is also exploring an enhanced method for quickly accessing new photos and screenshots on Android devices. According to a post on its website, for people logged into Windows 11 Pro or Enterprise editions with a Microsoft Entra ID account, Microsoft is trying out the ability to view and join upcoming Microsoft Teams meetings directly from the Start menu. It was also mentioned that the next online Teams meeting will appear as a recommended item 5 minutes before it begins by clicking the particular meeting recommendation.

The Teams meeting reminders will appear alongside the standard frequently used and recommended file list on the Start menu, but they will not be visible to non-business users of Windows 11. If the user possesses an Android device, Microsoft is increasing its already tight smartphone connection with Windows 11. If the user captures a photo or screenshot with the Android device, the PC will receive an instant notice allowing the user to view, modify, or share the photo. This is an enhancement to the capability that Microsoft revealed last year for Windows 11, which was previously known as remote capture for Phone Link.