Google renamed Bard as Gemini...


Google renamed Bard as Gemini

The Silicon Review
12 Febuary, 2024

Google renamed Bard as Gemini, new paid version launched based on powerful AI model

The landscape of AI-powered assistants is shifting gears, and Google is taking the wheel with the unveiling of "Gemini," the rebranded version of its chatbot formerly known as Bard. For US users, $19.99 per month unlocks this advanced technology, along with a generous two terabytes of cloud storage (previously priced at $9.99). This strategic move places Google squarely in competition with Microsoft and OpenAI's similar subscription offerings, all vying for a slice of the burgeoning AI market. But raw power isn't the only weapon in Gemini's arsenal. Unlike its competitors, Gemini aims for deeper integration with your digital life. Expect seamless interactions with Gmail and Google's productivity suite, streamlining your workflow and making AI assistance truly accessible.

Furthermore, Gemini is poised to become your go-to digital companion on Android devices. Whether you prefer voice commands or the user-friendly app interface, its accessibility ensures AI assistance is always within reach. The initial US rollout is just the beginning, with plans for international expansion and additional language support in the works. A two-month free trial sweetens the deal, allowing users to experience the power of Gemini firsthand. From the powerful Ultra 1.0 model to its seamless integration with existing services, Gemini represents a commitment to making AI more than just a novelty; it's a tool designed to enhance your daily life. Buckle up; the future of AI-powered assistance is here, and Gemini is leading the charge.