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IBM expanded reselling program...


IBM expanded reselling program enabling the partners to sell apps from AWS

IBM expanded
The Silicon Review
15 Febuary, 2024

The initiative also underscores IBM's strong relationships with resellers

IBM has broadened its reselling initiative, extending coverage to the UK, Germany, France, and Denmark following high adoption rates in its initial phase. Additionally, it now facilitates customers in utilizing AWS consumption commitments to procure IBM software efficiently via the AWS Marketplace, with the aid of IBM partners. The expansion aims to provide European customers with enhanced procurement processes. David La Rose, GM of IBM Ecosystem Sales, elaborated on this development, highlighting the collaborative opportunity it presents within the IBM Ecosystem. La Rose also noted the initiative's contribution to partners' ability to support clients in their hybrid cloud and AI journeys, opening up new avenues for growth across the US and EMEA regions. Ultimately, the expansion reflects IBM's dedication to catering to the needs of its global clientele, irrespective of geographic boundaries.

The initiative also underscores IBM's strong relationships with resellers, showcasing the benefits they offer to both businesses and customers. For resellers, these advantages include reduced administration costs, access to new client bases, and the delegation of onboarding and implementation responsibilities. Tony Albanese, Director of Alliances at SoftwareOne, highlighted the significance of this development in facilitating software procurement through the AWS Marketplace. He emphasized how this approach aligns with SoftwareOne's commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience and maximizing technology value for its clients as an IBM partner. This model affords customers the flexibility to acquire software while benefiting from SoftwareOne's value proposition and expertise in the field.