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New Klarna service takes on th...


New Klarna service takes on the US Tech Giants

the US Tech Giants
The Silicon Review
21 Febuary, 2024

"Sign in with Klarna" addresses the Apple and Google's removal of third-party cookies

Klarna, the AI-driven global payment provider and shopping assistant, has introduced "Sign in with Klarna" to enhance the shopping experience for consumers while providing them with greater control over their data. This service expedites the online purchasing process for consumers and, upon their consent to share data, unlocks personalized offers from merchants. By offering a smoother checkout process and personalized offers, Klarna's service not only benefits consumers but also poses a challenge to tech giants like Apple, Facebook, and Google in the global verification industry, which is expected to witness substantial growth in the coming years. Having successfully undergone testing with partners such as the restaurant app Maitres and the marketplace Tradera, "Sign in with Klarna" has gained traction, becoming the second most popular login method on Tradera within a short span.

Several merchants, including Rusta, Casall, and NA-KD, have already implemented the service, recognizing its potential to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. This service empowers consumers by allowing them to control the data shared with merchants, enabling personalized recommendations based on purchase history, preferences, and interests. Furthermore, it streamlines the registration and checkout process, saving consumers time and providing merchants with valuable data for enhancing customer experiences. With Klarna handling the verification of consumer data, merchants can save on costs associated with third-party verification services, further incentivizing them to adopt "Sign in with Klarna" as a common feature alongside Klarna's payment solutions.