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State of North Carolina Transformed Finance with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

North Carolina
The Silicon Review
13 Febuary, 2024

North Carolina standardizes key finance processes for state agencies in the cloud with Oracle

The State of North Carolina has implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to advance its mission of safeguarding the financial integrity of the state and fostering accountability fairly and efficiently. Utilizing Oracle Cloud ERP, North Carolina has standardized financial processes in the cloud, resulting in heightened efficiency, improved controls, and enhanced service to constituents. As the ninth-most populous state in the United States, North Carolina, with over 10 million residents, faced the challenge of modernizing its financial processes. The Office of the State Controller, relying on a mainframe legacy ERP system over 35 years old, sought to enhance efficiency, reduce risk, attract new talent, and better support constituents. Following a thorough evaluation of ERP vendors, North Carolina opted for Oracle Cloud ERP.

With Oracle Cloud ERP, North Carolina has streamlined finance processes for state agencies on a unified cloud platform, fostering more efficient and agile operations in serving residents. Leveraging Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), the state simplified intricate reporting processes across all agencies and expedited decision-making. Rondy Ng, executive vice president of applications development at Oracle, emphasized the importance of embracing new technologies and a mindset of continuous innovation to meet constituent demands for swift and reliable services. Oracle Cloud ERP provides an extensive suite of enterprise finance and operations capabilities, encompassing financials, accounting hubs, procurement, project management, enterprise performance management, risk management, subscription management, and supply chain management and manufacturing.