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OpenAI Chairman Bret Taylor la...


OpenAI Chairman Bret Taylor launched AI Chatbot Startup Sierra

OpenAI Chairman Bret Taylor
The Silicon Review
15 Febuary, 2024

Taylor believes that AI will create new job opportunities as the technology evolves

Bret Taylor, the Chairman of OpenAI, has initiated Sierra, a startup focused on artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots tailored for business applications. Sierra has secured a substantial $110 million in funding and currently employs a workforce of 30 individuals. Clay Bavor, co-founder of Sierra and formerly associated with Google, emphasized Sierra's advanced conversational AI capabilities, which extend beyond traditional chatbots and hold promise for transforming customer service and other industries. The startup has already established partnerships with prominent enterprise clients like WeightWatchers, Sonos, and Sirius XM Holdings. Taylor, formerly co-CEO of Salesforce and currently serving as OpenAI's board chair, aims to provide stability to the organization following the tumultuous period surrounding CEO Sam Altman's departure and subsequent return.

OpenAI has encountered scrutiny regarding conflicts of interest among its board members, including the resignation of Reid Hoffman due to his investments in AI companies, while Adam D'Angelo remains despite his ties to Quora, an AI chatbot-utilizing platform. Sierra's potential has attracted substantial investor interest, with Benchmark leading early investments and Sequoia Capital expected to spearhead an $85 million funding round, valuing Sierra at close to $1 billion. Taylor acknowledges the disruptive potential of AI in industries such as customer service, which may result in short-term job displacement but also foresees new job opportunities emerging as the technology evolves. In January, Sierra emerged from stealth mode, garnering significant traction in the market with its enterprise-focused AI solutions aimed at addressing critical business challenges.