TDK Ventures invested in a Sin...


TDK Ventures invested in a Singapore-based start-up

Singapore-based start-up
The Silicon Review
08 Febuary, 2024

TDK Ventures invested in Amperesand to empower global electrification

TDK Ventures, a subsidiary of TDK Corporation, has invested in Amperesand, a company developing grid infrastructure solutions based on innovative solid-state transformer (SST) technology. This technology promises to revolutionize electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure by enabling efficient, intelligent, and resilient megawatt-scale DC fast charging. Amperesand's SST technology, spun out of the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore and backed by experienced power systems professionals, offers significant improvements to current EV charging hardware. These advancements are crucial for supporting the rapid electrification of fleets, consumer vehicles, ports, and other sectors. TDK Ventures' investment reflects their shared vision with Amperesand of driving a positive and sustainable energy transformation globally.

They recognize the potential of SST technology to overcome key logistical and economic challenges hindering EV adoption, making it a critical backbone enabler for multi-sector development. Anshuman Tripathi, PhD, Co-Founder of Amperesand said that the company is excited about the investment and support from TDK Ventures and that the belief in the solution and vision for electrification is a significant validation of efforts. With TDK Ventures alongside, Tripathi said the organization is confident in bringing the infrastructure solutions to the forefront of the electrification revolution, starting with the megawatt-scale EV DC fast-changing market. This investment paves the way for Amperesand to accelerate its technology development and market penetration, potentially shaping the future of efficient and sustainable EV charging infrastructure.