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Intelinair launched New Postse...


Intelinair launched New Postseason Data Analytics Suite for Full-Season Crop Management

Intelinair Full-Season Crop Management
The Silicon Review
08 March, 2024

An illustrative use case presented by Intelinair demonstrates how AGMRI Analyze can be utilized

Intelinair, a leading agricultural data analytics company and the developer of AGMRI, has introduced a new addition to its suite of data analytics for the 2024 crop season - AGMRI Analyze. AGMRI Insights, the existing in-season analytics suite, remains available to facilitate real-time data-driven decision-making. AGMRI Analyze focuses on monitoring nine common factors that limit yield, allowing farmers to identify and comprehend potential issues affecting their yield during the season. This data-driven approach empowers farmers to make informed decisions for the upcoming crop season, thereby enhancing efficiency and yield potential. Tim Hassinger, President and CEO of Intelinair, expressed the significance of AGMRI Analyze in providing a comprehensive data analytics package for farmers, encompassing both in-season monitoring and postseason analytics.

By consolidating real-time and postseason data-driven decision-making into a unified platform, Intelinair aims to elevate the efficacy of agricultural decision-making processes. AGMRI Analyze covers various aspects of postseason data analytics, including emergence, nutrient availability, crop stress, disease, hybrid and variety performance, weather patterns, soil conditions, machinery efficiency, and crop input product performance. This comprehensive suite of analytics equips farmers with valuable insights to optimize their agricultural practices and plan for future crop seasons. By measuring emergence percentages and correlating them with various factors, farmers can gain insights into the factors influencing emergence and final field yield. This information enables them to make informed decisions regarding planting rates, soil management practices, and hybrid or variety selection for subsequent crop seasons.