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NASA approved ACMI as Second E...


NASA approved ACMI as Second Exploration Park Facility

NASA ACMI Second Exploration Park Facility
The Silicon Review
07 March, 2024

Johnson is already spearheading space commercialization through commercial cargo and crew programs

NASA and the American Center for Manufacturing and Innovation (ACMI) have inked a deal on Thursday, February 29th, to lease underutilized land spanning 240 acres within Exploration Park at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston. This collaboration aims to facilitate the development of facilities supporting commercial and defense space manufacturing. This agreement marks the second public/private lease pact allowing industry and academia to utilize NASA Johnson land for creating facilities, fostering a collaborative development environment, thus boosting commercial access and enhancing the United States' competitiveness in the space and aerospace sectors. Earlier this month, NASA signed a similar lease with the Texas A&M University System. Termed the Space Systems Campus, ACMI plans to establish an applied research facility in partnership with multiple stakeholders from academia, state and local governments, the Department of Defense, and regional economic development organizations.

NASA initiated a call for proposals for the use of undeveloped and underutilized land near Saturn Lane on June 9, 2023, and has recently finalized negotiations with ACMI to formalize the lease agreement. The parcel lies outside Johnson's controlled access area and adjacent to its main campus. NASA will lease the land for 20 years with two 20-year extension options, potentially totaling up to 60 years. In the upcoming years, NASA, alongside its academic, commercial, and international partners, anticipates the completion of the International Space Station Program, the commercial development of low Earth orbit, and the inaugural human Artemis campaign missions, aiming to establish a sustainable human presence on the Moon in preparation for Mars missions.