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Oracle and NVIDIA collaborated...


Oracle and NVIDIA collaborated to deliver Sovereign AI Worldwide

Oracle NVIDIA Sovereign AI Worldwide
The Silicon Review
22 March, 2024

Oracle adopts NVIDIA Grace Blackwell across OCI Supercluster, OCI Compute, and NVIDIA DGX Cloud on OCI

Oracle and NVIDIA have announced an expanded partnership aimed at providing sovereign AI solutions globally. Through Oracle's distributed cloud, AI infrastructure, and generative AI services, combined with NVIDIA's accelerated computing and generative AI software, governments and enterprises can deploy AI factories. These AI factories allow for the local operation of cloud services within a country's or organization's secure premises, supporting sovereign objectives of diversification and economic growth. Oracle's CEO, Safra Catz, emphasized the importance of digital sovereignty in protecting valuable data amid AI-driven transformations. NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, highlighted the cultural and economic imperative of data sovereignty in an era where innovation is propelled by generative AI.

The collaboration aims to offer customers greater control over operations, location, and security, supporting digital sovereignty. The partnership's offerings can be deployed via the public cloud or in a customer's data center in specific locations, with flexible operational controls. Oracle is uniquely positioned as the sole hyperscaler capable of delivering AI and full cloud services locally. Oracle's cloud services leverage NVIDIA's stack, including accelerated computing infrastructure and the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform. Notable customers like Avaloq and Team IM have already embraced Oracle's offerings for their cloud infrastructure needs. To meet customer demand for complex AI models, NVIDIA Grace Blackwell will be added to NVIDIA DGXTM Cloud on OCI, providing highly scalable and performant cloud infrastructure for energy-efficient training and inference.