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Oracle Red Bull Racing, Ansys announced their renewed partnership

Oracle Red Bull Racing Ansys
The Silicon Review
01 March, 2024

Ansys simulation and data management tools will drive Oracle Red Bull Racing's development of faster, more reliable cars

Oracle Red Bull Racing has extended its partnership with Ansys for an additional three years to maintain its status as the foremost competitive Formula 1 (F1) team globally. Throughout the 2024 season and beyond, Oracle Red Bull Racing will continue leveraging Ansys technology to enhance aerodynamics, manage material data, and ensure the structural integrity of its cars. The utilization of Ansys simulation solutions proved pivotal for Oracle Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen in 2023, enabling him to secure historic victories in 21 out of 23 races and leading 1003 laps, ultimately clinching both the Drivers' and Constructors' Championships with an impressive 413-point lead.

Heading into the 2024 season, Oracle Red Bull Racing faces fresh challenges due to spending restrictions and limitations on wind tunnel testing time. Despite securing the championship in the previous year, the team has been allocated 4200 hours of testing, 300 hours fewer than the second-place team, for implementing car upgrades throughout the season or for the development of next year's car. The forthcoming 2024 season, set to be the longest in Formula 1 history, will test the endurance of Oracle Red Bull Racing. With additional races on the calendar, ensuring car reliability becomes paramount. To address this, the team utilizes Ansys Granta MI™ to manage material data and analyze previous season performances to enhance car design and shape. Additionally, Ansys LS-DYNA™ is employed for impact testing and safety assessments.