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Paysend expanded services with amplified Currencycloud partnership

Paysend amplified Currencycloud partnership
The Silicon Review
28 March, 2024

This move will empower Paysend users in these regions to send remittances to over 180 countries worldwide through Swift and local payment networks

Fintech companies Paysend and Currencycloud have unveiled a significant expansion of their ongoing collaboration, aiming to greatly broaden Paysend's global services. A key aspect of the new agreement involves strengthening Paysend's capabilities in foreign exchange and treasury through Currencycloud's integral role in facilitating cross-border money transfers. This expansion particularly targets regions across the US, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific. The extended partnership promises substantial benefits for Paysend's clientele, offering access to multicurrency wallets capable of accommodating up to 34 currencies within a single platform. Additionally, Paysend customers will gain access to a payment gateway via the Swift network, enhancing Paysend's global reach. Ronnie Millar, CEO and co-founder of Paysend, expressed confidence in the collaboration, highlighting their shared vision of simplifying and expanding global money transfers.

As part of the initiative, Paysend aims to significantly expand its remittance services in key regions such as the UK, EU, Canada, and the USA, leveraging Currencycloud's expertise in partnering with modern digital remittance firms known for their cost-effective and transparent services. Piers Marais, Head of Product for Currencycloud, emphasized the significance of remittances in global cross-border transactions and welcomed Paysend's entry into this space, underscoring their collaboration's potential to enhance the sector. Furthermore, Currencycloud will provide assistance to Paysend in launching a range of new consumer-focused products and services, scheduled for release by the end of 2024.