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ELECTRON Aerospace secured maj...


ELECTRON Aerospace secured major orders from Air2E and Hopscotch Air

ELECTRON Aerospace Air2E Hopscotch Air
The Silicon Review
12 April, 2024

This partnership underscores the shared commitment of ELECTRON aerospace, Air2E, and Hopscotch Air to promoting an eco-friendly and economically viable future in aviation

Electron Aerospace, a frontrunner in electric aviation, is excited to announce significant orders for its groundbreaking Electron 5 aircraft from Air2E and Hopscotch Air. This milestone marks a substantial leap in ELECTRON’s sales, nearing EUR 200 million, signifying a pivotal achievement in advancing sustainable regional air transportation. The Electron 5, slated for release in 2028, promises to revolutionize regional air travel by offering a range of 750 km (466 miles) with current battery technology. This surpasses the capabilities of similar aircraft in the USA and EU, typically suited for routes under 500 km (311 miles). With an all-electric propulsion system, the Electron 5 slashes operational costs by over 50% compared to traditional combustion engines. Its design includes a spacious cabin accommodating one pilot, four passengers, and luggage, ensuring both comfort and efficiency.

The collaboration is solidified by signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with clear payment terms, reflecting the industry’s confidence in the Electron 5’s potential to revolutionize regional air transportation positively. ELECTRON Aerospace, B.V., headquartered in the Netherlands since its establishment in 2021, leads European electric aviation innovation. Specializing in zero-emission, battery-powered aircraft, the company focuses on precision engineering for eco-friendly solutions. Supported by strategic partnerships and substantial backing from Danx Carousel Group, Electron pioneers sustainable regional air travel. The flagship Electron 5 aircraft epitomizes this approach, offering unmatched efficiency and environmentally responsible travel across Europe.