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Fieldwork won the Government G...


Fieldwork won the Government Grant and appointed a new CFO

Fieldwork Government Grant new CFO
The Silicon Review
01 April, 2024

The BerryAI Project will support the development of Fieldwork’s technology, bringing AI-powered vision and advanced decision-making technology to Fieldwork’s robots

Fieldwork, a pioneering company in AgriTech robotics, announces the appointment of Christopher Levine as its Chief Financial Officer ("CFO"). Levine, boasting extensive financial expertise, previously served as Finance Director at Global Counsel, a management consultancy under the WPP Group. He has a track record of advising private equity (PE)-backed technology start-ups on revenue generation and operational scale-up, including the successful guidance of a smart tech startup through its global expansion strategy, which culminated in revenues of approximately £10 million. Fieldwork, the exclusive provider of autonomous raspberry harvesting technology globally, is set to leverage recent funding to reinforce its leading position in the $2.2 billion fresh raspberry industry. This latest government grant, secured within the past six months, reflects the dedication of Fieldwork's team and the tangible impact of its technology. With a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, Fieldwork aims to maintain its reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

The BerryAI Project, a cornerstone initiative for Fieldwork, aims to enhance the capabilities of its autonomous harvesting technology. Through advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and vision technology, Fieldwork aims to enable fleet operations with minimal human intervention, thereby enhancing harvesting efficiency. Collaborating with Fotenix, a leading developer of crop analytic software, Fieldwork seeks to incorporate cutting-edge technology to improve crop detection and ripeness assessment, further augmenting the autonomy and efficiency of its robotic systems.