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HR Path welcomed the Brazilian...


HR Path welcomed the Brazilian's leading SAP partner Intelligenza

HR Path SAP partner Intelligenza
The Silicon Review
12 April, 2024

François Boulet expressed enthusiasm for the venture into the Brazilian market and welcomed Intelligenza's leadership team

In a significant move, HR Path announced its largest acquisition to date, welcoming Intelligenza to the HR Path Group. The acquisition, which brings aboard 243 seasoned SAP consultants, marks a milestone for HR Path and sets the stage for the company's expansion into the Brazilian market. With over 23 years of experience as a global HR leader, HR Path has been at the forefront of supporting companies in their digital transformation endeavors. Intelligenza, a recognized SAP, Workforce Software, and Qualtrics Partner in Brazil, has built a reputation for providing exceptional services to renowned companies.

François Boulet, President of HR Path, expressed enthusiasm for the venture into the Brazilian market and extended a warm welcome to Intelligenza's leadership team and skilled professionals. He emphasized the combined expertise and commitment of both entities, highlighting their readiness to drive innovation and deliver exceptional HR solutions to clients. Flávio Legieri Filho, partner and CEO of Intelligenza, spoke of the acquisition as an opportunity to diversify service offerings and expand the team's career prospects. He underscored the benefits of joining forces with HR Path's global presence, enabling access to a broader range of projects and opportunities. Rafael Favaro, partner and CMO of Intelligenza, expressed excitement about the collaboration with HR Path and the chance to advance expertise in HR solutions. He emphasized the collective commitment to making a significant impact in the industry through collaboration and innovation.