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 IBM launched a new mainf...


 IBM launched a new mainframe that processes 1 trillion web transactions a day

IBM new mainframe web transactions
The Silicon Review
02 April, 2024

IBM unveiled its latest mainframe, the z15, with input from various corporate entities across different sectors of American industry

Over the span of four years, IBM collaborated with representatives from more than 100 companies, including those in financial services, retail, and healthcare, to determine the most crucial features required from these high-powered machines, which serve as a cornerstone in the computing strategies of numerous large organizations. The z15 processor chip boasts an impressive infrastructure, comprising 15.6 miles of wires, 9.2 billion transistors, and 26.2 billion wiring connections. This architecture enables a single z15 server to process 1 trillion web transactions daily, delivering "25% better performance" than its predecessor, the z14 mainframe.

IBM Z mainframes play a pivotal role in facilitating 87% of global credit card transactions, nearly $8 trillion in annual payments, and 29 billion ATM transactions each year, amounting to nearly $5 billion per day. Rosamilia highlighted the continuous growth in demand for capacity over the past decade, which has seen inventory expand by 3.5 times. Against the backdrop of persistent data breaches affecting major companies like Equifax, Capitol One, Sony, and Target, Rosamilia underscored the importance of data encryption. He stressed that encrypting 100% of data remains the best defense against cyber threats. IBM's acquisition of Red Hat, completed in July for $34 billion, further enhanced privacy capabilities in the z15 mainframe. RedHat's integration enabled cloud-native app development on IBM Z through OpenShift, offering clients flexibility in deployment across various cloud platforms.