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Robot delivery firm Kiwibot bo...


Robot delivery firm Kiwibot bought Taipei chipmaker

Robot delivery firm Kiwibot Taipei chipmaker
The Silicon Review
08 April, 2024

Smaller firms like Auto Mobility Solutions, which operate in both Taipei and Shenzhen, are also relevant

This week, Kiwibot, a delivery robotics firm based in the Bay Area and Colombia, announced its acquisition of Auto Mobility Solutions, a Taipei-based company specializing in chips for robotics and autonomous driving. While the specifics of the deal remain undisclosed, Kiwibot's founder and CEO, Felipe Chávez Cortés, disclosed to TechCrunch that escalating tensions between the U.S. and China served as a significant driver for the acquisition. Describing the acquisition as a "significant milestone," Kiwibot highlights its importance in fostering innovation and ensuring privacy in the robotics industry, especially concerning intelligent robots sourced from China and deployed in Western markets. The move is poised to set an example for the industry, particularly amidst the U.S. Senate's recent pressure on ByteDance to divest its popular social media platform, TikTok, and previous scrutiny of Chinese tech giants like Huawei and DJI by the U.S. government.

Given Taiwan's geopolitical situation and its dominant position in the semiconductor market, the acquisition underscores strategic considerations. Chávez Cortés emphasizes cybersecurity concerns as a driving force behind the acquisition, stating that it will significantly enhance Kiwibot's cybersecurity measures for AI-powered robotics while bridging manufacturing expertise from Asia with AI development in the West securely. Additionally, the deal enables Kiwibot, a spinout from UC Berkeley, to establish a foothold in Asia through Auto's presence in Taiwan and China, complementing its existing successes on college campuses.