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Boeing Starliner Launch Postponed: Astronaut Sunita Williams' Third Space Voyage Delayed

Starliner Launch Postponed Astronaut Sunita Williams
The Silicon Review
07 May, 2024

NASA cited an off-nominal condition on an oxygen relief valve as the reason behind the delay

The highly anticipated launch of the Boeing Starliner, poised to carry astronaut Sunita Williams on her third journey to space, faced an unexpected setback as a technical glitch forced its postponement. Scheduled to depart from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida's Cape Canaveral, the Starliner's lift-off was halted just 90 minutes prior to the planned launch time of 8:04 AM India time. NASA cited an off-nominal condition on an oxygen relief valve as the reason behind the delay. This unfortunate turn of events led to the cancellation of the Atlas V rocket's launch, leaving no alternative but to reschedule the mission. Both Sunita Williams and NASA's Barry Wilmore, intended crew members for the Starliner's journey to the International Space Station, safely disembarked from the spacecraft following the postponement.

For Sunita Williams, an Indian-origin astronaut and a symbol of aspiration for women in space exploration, this mission was poised to mark a historic milestone. She was set to become the first woman to embark on a maiden crewed mission aboard a new space shuttle. With an impressive track record including 322 days spent in space and a record for the most hours of spacewalk by a woman, Williams' participation in this mission garnered significant attention. The mission, spanning 10 days, aimed not only to demonstrate the Starliner's capabilities but also to showcase the team's readiness to obtain NASA certification for future long-duration missions. While a new launch date remains to be announced, anticipation for Williams' third space voyage continues to soar among space enthusiasts worldwide.