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10 Best Women Entrepreneurs to Watch 2022

10 Best Woman Entrepreneurs to Watch 2022

Company Management Description
Canadian American Business Council
Maryscott Greenwood,
A former American diplomat to Canada and a frequent media commentator and public speaker, Maryscott Greenwood serves as a business and public policy advocate, as well as a communications expert and political strategist to Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations.
WP Engine
As Chairwoman and CEO for WP Engine, Heather Brunner has steered the company to hyper-growth and global expansion with offices in Austin, San Antonio, San Francisco, London, Limerick and Brisbane serving 75,000 customers in 130 countries.
Tanice "TK" Gonsalves,
"As the President of WTI, I have a vision meets reality approach. This means that everything we see for our future we will achieve. Over the past three years, we have focused on building the company's contract vehicles to ensure we have flexibility around bidding on Federal contracts," says Tanice "TK" Gonsalves.
Annie Leib, LLC
Annie Leib,
Founder & CEO
Annie Leib is an experienced executive coach and businesswoman, who has as her sole purpose to align leaders with their most authentic selves, which unlocks their ability to create a huge impact in the world. She helps companies see that “when you take care of your people, your people take care of your business.”
Green Leaf Lab CA LLC
Rowshan Reordan,
Founder & CEO
Rowshan Reordan, Founder and CEO of Green Leaf Labs, is not only changing the way things are done, but transforming the world for the better. She has made this mission her career, and it all began because of her unshakable humanitarianism and passion for helping people after experiencing profound adversary at a young, impressionable age.
Susan Semmelmann Interiors
Susan Semmelmann’s journey in interior space is truly inspiring and recognized by the industry, as well as media. She has been featured in many notable magazines like Voyage Dallas, and her story is certainly a hot topic. Besides shaping clients' dreams, Susan and her team have earned a major milestone in Fort Worth.
Crystal Clear Realty
Crystal Duckworth,
Crystal Duckworth, the founder of Crystal Clear Realty, is a female entrepreneur who is capitalizing on what the real estate industry offers. She is a strong female leader in the industry and showcases the endless possibilities that being an entrepreneur can provide.
Acorn Health
Vicki Kroviak,
Founder & CEO
Vicki Kroviak brings passion, personal history and a history of serving families in need to her mission: to establish Acorn Health as the leading provider of Applied Behavior Analysis treatment for children with autism and their families.
Strategy DNA
Valentina Fomenko,
"I started Strategy DNA not because it was easy, but because it was hard. The work of a strategist is more complex – but also more exciting – now than ever. It’s multifaceted and large-scale, and it has the potential for farther-reaching impacts than ever before," says Valentina Fomenko, CEO of Strategy DNA
Athena Security Inc.
Lisa Falzone,
Co-Founder & CEO
Lisa is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of disrupting out-of-touch industries. In less than a decade she built and scaled the first iPad-based cash register, Revel Systems, to over 700 global employees and tens of thousands of installations spanning five continents.