10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies 2019

10 Fastest Growing Robotics Companies 2019


Company Management Description
BW Integrated Systems
Pete Carlson, President BW Integrated Systems is an industry-leader in design and manufacturing of end of line packaging equipment solutions and packaging automation, as well as systems integration.
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.

Gary S. Guthart,

President, CEO & Member of the Board of Directors

Intuitive Surgical, Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., is the pioneer and a global leader in robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery. Intuitive Surgical develops, manufactures and markets the da Vinci® surgical system.
Clearpath Robotics
Matt Rendall, CEO Clearpath Robotics is a global leader in unmanned vehicle robotics for research and development, and provides hardware, software and services to enable self-driving vehicle development, deployment, and operation.
Redwood Robotics

Tijl Vuyk,

CEO & Founder

Redwood Robotics solutions help businesses optimize processes for digital operations, while RunMyJobs supports IT teams that want freedom from repetitive manual tasks in the services they provide to the business.
CoSourcing Partners

Rita Brunk,

Executive Vice President

CoSourcing Partners are independent, Small Business Enterprise delivering experienced and cost effective solutions to healthcare, insurance, financial services, telecom & CPG industries. It has a dedicated team of professionals who value long-term relationships and take pride in achieving customer satisfaction.

Louay Eldada,

CEO & Co-founder

Quanergy Systems, Inc. is a Silicon-Valley-based technology company offering smart sensing solutions. It is the leading provider of time-of-flight LiDAR sensors and perception software for real-time capture and processing of 3D spatial data and object detection, identification, classification and tracking.
Perrone Robotics, Inc.

Paul Perrone,

Founder & CEO

Perrone Robotics, Inc. (PRI), based in Crozet, Virginia, was formed in 2003 and has been developing mobile autonomous robotics solutions ever since. Early development work focused on making it easier to configure and program robots.

Joseph M. DeSimone,

CEO & Co-founder

Carbon works at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science. The firm's vision is a future fabricated with light, where traceable, final-quality parts are produced at scale with CLIP technology.
Richard Jenkins, CEO Saildrone designs and manufactures wind and solar powered autonomous surface vehicles called Saildrones, which make cost-effective ocean data collection possible at scale.
HEBI Robotics

Howie Choset,

Founder & CEO

HEBI Robotics is a Pittsburgh-based startup focusing on robotic actuation technologies and engineering solutions. At HEBI Robotics, the team is working to make robots simple, useful, and safe.