June Edition 2021

5 Best Ag Tech Companies to Watch 2021

Company Management Description
Naeem Zafar, co-founder & CEO TeleSense is leading the post-harvest data revolution. Using its advanced suite of sensors, it provides grain managers with actionable insights about their stored grain, so that they can make storage decisions easily, quickly, and accurately.
GrainSense Ltd
Mr. Riku Niemelä, CEO GrainSense develops the first truly hand-held device for grain quality measurement. For the first time, farmers, seed producers and plant breeders will be able to rapidly measure the key parameters of their crops in the field and make decisions that can improve profitability.
Trace Genomics
Dan Vradenburg, CEO Founded in 2015 to serve the farming community, Trace Genomics helps agronomists and growers maximize the value of every acre. The company is building the largest, most actionable body of soil intelligence, making thousands of agronomists and growers experts on what’s underground.
Gajendra Babu, co-founder
Apporv Vaish, CEO
Chloropy is an early stage deep-tech company. Its vision is to improve human lives and spread happiness through smart farming. Its mission is to reduce pesticide usage by precision spraying for a safer and sustainable future.
Kenneth Tran, Founder & CEO Koidra is an AI IoT startup based in Seattle, WA. The company's mission is transforming Agriculture to achieve more yield with less waste, using the award-winning autonomous growing AIoT technology