Spring Special Edition 2022

5 Best Artificial Intelligence Companies to Watch 2022

Company Management Description
Interactions LLC
Mike Iacobucci,
Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that seamlessly combine artificial intelligence and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations.
Dr. Chris Mansi,
Co-founder & CEO, Inc is a leader in applied artificial intelligence in healthcare. Its mission is to fundamentally improve how healthcare is delivered in the world, through intelligent software that promises to reduce time to treatment and improve access to care.
Sheldon Fernandez,
DarwinAI is a leader in visual quality inspection using Explainable AI (XAI), a collection of technologies that reveals how and why AI makes the decisions that it does.
Ashutosh Garg,
Co-founder & CEO
Eightfold is the industry’s first Talent Intelligence Platform, built for enterprises, to address Talent Acquisition and Management in a holistic fashion. Its AI talent management transforms how you hire, retain and grow a diverse global workforce.
Antonio Augusto,
InnovBest creates differentiated solutions, AI-driven analysis with exclusive algorithms to automate the decision-making process. InnovAI tracks large bases and automatically identifies distortions and opportunities with much more precision and agility.